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Portrait photo. Photo: Sandra Teräs

About me

Originally coming from Helsinki, Finland, I live with my wife in Halblech near Füssen, southern Germany. I work three days a week in the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre in Garching near Munich as a system administrator. Additionally I am available for private IT consulting assignments.

After receiving my Master's degree in Computer Science at Helsinki University of Technology in 2004, I worked for nine years at the CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd., the leading computing and data center in Finland. My major projects included the installation, maintenance and support of large high performance computing and storage systems as well as planning the architecture and processes of the digital preservation of national cultural heritage and research datasets.

In addition to my work, I participated in non-profit organizations helping them with their IT systems and co-organizing computing related events to members and general public. That way I learned to understand the needs and wishes of users with very different backgrounds and levels of experience.

Cultures and languages are one of my passions. In addition to my native language Finnish I speak fluent English, German and French as well as some Japanese, Spanish and Swedish. Therefore I'm very capable and willing to work in international projects and multilingual environments.

As a side job, I'm one of the official guides in the town of Füssen. More information about my personal life is available on my private website.

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